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Youth Hockey Registration

"Hockey can be the draw that brings kids in, and we can help them with skills, but in reality we are teaching them life skills...helping create self esteem, teamwork, problem solving and communication skills...along with a form of exercise to help them live healthier lives. "

— Former New York Ranger and Stanley Cup Champion Steve Larmer


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Ice Skating Registration

"I think the best things in life you really have to work for and I don't ever want to feel like I left anything on the table." - Ashley Wagner

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  • Pricing and Information for 2020-2021 coming soon!

Adult Hockey Registration

"Honestly, I feel the best I ever felt. I know it's funny because the numbers are not there and everybody looks and sees struggle, but I wouldn't change it. I still believe it's going to turn around and I'm going to feel the best and play the best I've played in 15 years. I believe it. If not, I made a bad decision. But I believe I made a good decision." - Jaromir Jagr


For more information on adult program packages, pricing, information and schedules:

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Coaching Registration

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”
― Former Dallas Cowboy & Super bowl Champion Tom Landry

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Referee Registration

"We talked to the referees before the game; there's always new situations to adjust, for the refs and for us as well. Even on the ice, it's good for players to talk and interact with the referee."

- Former Washington Capitals Player Peter Bondra

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SafeSport Infromation & Training

One of the most exciting aspects of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program is the online training/education that is available to help our members become aware of the information necessary to help prevent abuse from occurring in our sport.

We are pleased to announce that all USA Hockey registered coaches, officials, employees and volunteers are entitled to take the training at no cost. The training was produced by the United States Olympic Committee. The training is comprised of short video segments that take approximately 90 minutes to complete, however, not all training needs to be completed in one session. We believe you will find the training very valuable and informative, and strongly encourage you to access the training.