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Jon-Jon's stampede Challenge

Tournament Format:



· There will be (2) 22:00 minute periods. Each game will have a 4:00 minute warm up and a 2:00 minute intermission. The buzzer will sound to initiate a shift change every 2:00 minutes.

· The nets will be smaller than regulation size.  (60”)

· Blue: smaller size pucks will be used

· There will be 1 USA Hockey certified ref for each game.  The ref will throw in a “new puck” if the goalie covers it. After each goal and or shift change, a faceoff at center ice will occur. Penalties will result in the player who committed the offense sitting for the remainder of their 2:30 minute shift. Their team will be short-handed until the clock buzzes.


There will be (5) 8U teams. Every team plays each other once. The team with the best overall record wins the tournament.




There will be (3) 13:00 minute periods. Each game will have a 5:00 warm up and 2:00 intermissions.

The first (2) periods will be run time. The third period will be stop time- depending on how much time is left in the allotted ice slot.

If the game is tied, there will be a 3 man shoot out until a winner is decided.

2- man USAH referee system for all games


10U: There will be a total of (5) Squirt teams. Amarillo-A, Odessa- A and El Paso will play each other on Saturday. The two teams with the best record after Saturday will playoff in a 2-game series on Sunday (best goal differential in both games) for the Squirt A championship. Amarillo-B, Odessa- B will play each other two times on Saturday. The third place A division team will join the Amarillo- B and Odessa- B teams in a 3 team round robin. The team with the best overall record in the 3 team B playoff on Sunday will be the winner.

12U: There will be a total of 4 PW teams. Each team will play a 3-game round robin. Seed 3 will play seed 4 in a consolation game, and Seed 1 will play Seed 2 in the championship game.

14U: There will be a total of 3 Bantam teams. Each team will play each other twice. The team with the best overall record will be crowned champions.  


Tie Breakers for all division:

Points (2 for win- 1 for SO loss – 0 for loss)


Head to Head

Goal Differential

Goals For

Goals Against

Shut- Outs

Rink Address:

Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum

401 S. Buchanan St

Amarillo, TX 79101

Please use Entrance # 7 (East side of building)


We will be using the Sports Engine Tournament App for live scoring, standings, schedules and


Tournament Link:

or go to: and go to our “Tournament” page.


Tournament Swag:

We will have a merchandise booth on the concourse with tournament shirts, hats and other

awesome inventory.

Early Games:

The rink (Entrance # 7) will be open at 5:30 am (games start at 6 am). Please be on time for all

games, and prepared to start  a minimum of 10 minutes early.

Skate Sharpening:

There will be skate sharpening offered at specific times (TBD) on Saturday and Sunday.

Tournament Contacts:

Austin Sutter- (806) 670-7577 or

Eric Andersen- (806) 676-1202 or




5 Reminders for Parents:

  1. FUN
  2. Parent vs. Child Expectations
  3. Process of Execution -not results
  4. Be a Role Model
  5. No game time coaching

Tournament Countdown!