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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

- What skating skills will be taught during skating lessons?

Our school follows curriculum of Learn to Skate USA program. This program is designed to provide a fun and safe skating experience while teaching correct technique of the fundamental skating elements for both figure skating and hockey. Our coaches are certified to teach skills within this program as well as more advanced freestyle, ice dance and moves in the field elements.

- What is needed to register with Amarillo Ice Skating School?

  1. Completed online registration.
  2. Agreed upon payment for the program
  3. Signed Parent Code of Conduct

- What does the fee for the group lessons cover?

 20 weeks of group skating lessons in the season or 10 weeks of lessons in a semester

- Is there any additional practice time available on ice?

Yes, for additional cost of $15/skater/hour (skaters enrolled in group lessons @ $12/hr), during Practice Sessions (punch card sessions) – exact times depend on ice availability. Please, see monthly calendar. Discounted punch cards for practice sessions can be purchased - see Registration Form.

- If I missed a lesson, can I make it up?

No. Due to limitations of ice time and coaches availability we will not be able to schedule make up sessions.

- Why lesson times are not consistent and are subject to changes? The rink is located in the Civic Center which schedules big events in the Coliseum – concerts, rodeos, shows, thus limiting ice availability. Because of this we will not have lessons each and every week of the semester. Amarillo Ice Skating School is actually renting ice for the lessons from the Amarillo Bulls hockey team. Hockey organization does scheduling on a month to month basis and frequent changes and adjustments are quite common. Please, note that Amarillo Ice Skating coordinator does not have any discretion to make the ice available for the school or to cancel the ice sessions.  Monthly schedule will be distributed via e-mail as it becomes available from Amarillo Bulls and posted on a web site and in SportsEngine app.  Please, be aware of this situation and watch for possible schedule changes that will be e-mailed and communicated over the phone and in GroupMe app.